Frequently Asked Questions

I have never heard about Youth for Christ. What is it?
Itasca YFC is a relational youth outreach to teens in Itasca County and consists of the following programs:
  • Campus Life (Weekly event for high school students)
  • Juvenile Justice Ministry (A bi-weekly program for troubled youth)
  • Ground Floor Youth Center (Drop-in center for marginalized teens)
Is Campus Life associated with a local school?
Although each Campus Life club consists of students from a particular high school, Campus Life has no legal or financial ties with the school system. Any association with a school occurs only with full knowledge and approval of school authorities. Campus Life is endorsed by many educators as well as civic, political and judicial leaders.
What happens at a Campus Life club meeting?
Campus Life weekly meetings include games, fun activities, and lively discussions. Meetings are a non-threatening place to share opinions and ideas, to think through important issues in a positive, supportive atmosphere, and to develop friendships with caring adults and peers.
Is Campus Life connected with any church?
No. Campus Life is a division of Youth for Christ, an non-denominational, non-sectarian, independent youth organization, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Campus Life encourages students to develop a personal faith and be involved in a church. Churches of various denominations support Campus Life financially and often participate in mutual activities. Campus Life, however, has no formal affiliation with any particular church.
How is Itasca YFC supported financially?
Each program of Youth for Christ is supported by voluntary, tax-deductible gifts from individuals, civic groups, churches, and businesses. Although Youth for Christ is a national organization, each chapter is locally incorporated and locally governed by a board of directors. The expansion and development of the Campus Life program is directly related to community support. (Complete financial information is available on request from local chapters)
Do other communities have YFC?
1,423 full-time and part-time staff members, 10,635 volunteers work in clubs in rural, suburban, and city areas of North America. YFC is also active in 127 countries around the world.
Who are the staff and how are they qualified?
Campus Life staff members are adults who care about kids. Personnel are carefully screened, undergo background checks, attend intensive training courses, and serve one-year internships. Most staff members have a bachelor's degree; some have graduate degrees. Adult volunteers, under close supervision and after thorough training, assist the professional staff members. All paid and volunteer staff practice a deep, personal faith.
Why does Campus Life exist?
Campus Life knows that the transition from childhood to adulthood is difficult. Campus Life seeks to support parents and their teenagers through this rocky time by providing: positive role models; supervised, drug free activities; an atmosphere of positive peer pressure; a place that encourages development of skills, leadership abilities, and service to others; emphasis on a balanced physical, mental, social, and spiritual life; and a message of hope and stability in a turbulent world.
If you should have any additional questions that have not been answered above, please contact us and we would be happy to answer them for you.
Campus Life - a positive force in our community. Campus Life invests in our community by cultivating one of our greatest resources - our youth.