Itasca YFC Staff


"YFC is not about programs, it's about people in the program."

The majority of all funds donated to Itasca YFC are invested in people who spend their time working in full or part-time positions. They are YFC's number one asset. Staff must have their B.A. degree and go through internship training in their first year. Additional training is required every two years.

Our Team

Duane Geisler Executive Director
Duane was born July 29th, 1948. He graduated from Pine City High School in 1966. In 1969, he graduated from Oak Hills Bible College with a major in Bible. There he met Caralee Ostrom and they were married November 8th, 1969. Duane is the father of three sons and one daughter and grandfather of 12 wonderful grandchildren and welcomed his first great-grandchild.

In 1969, Duane began his ministry with YFC in Virginia, Minnesota. He moved to Grand Rapids in 1971, where he became Executive Director of Itasca YFC. Duane is a member of Community Presbyterian Church of Grand Rapids and a lay-preacher for the Presbytery of Northern Waters. In December 2000, Duane graduated from Bethel College with a B.A. in Community Service and Leadership. By being in direct contact with youth in Campus Life Clubs and the Juvenile Justice Ministry, Duane's work over the past years has been a major contribution to Itasca YFC. Email:
Caralee Geisler Administrative Assistant
Caralee's responsibilities include running the day-to-day office work, helping with YFC events, chaperoning a number of Campus Life activities, and helping to staff the Ground Floor for private group use. She communicates with the board of directors and also serves on one of the functioning board committees.

Caralee grew up in Hammond, Indiana, and graduated from high school there. She then moved to Bemidji, Minnesota, where she graduated from Oak Hills Bible College. While there, she met Duane Geisler and they were married November 1969 and moved to Virginia, Minnesota, to begin their work with YFC. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.
Heather Schjenken Deer River Campus Life Director
Heather began her work with Itasca YFC on May 1st, 1997. She graduated from Bemidji State University with a B.A. in Social Work.

Heather is married to Lance Schjenken. "Lance is an amazing man; it's not easy being married to a spouse who works with teens." Heather has a son, a daughter and a step-son. Heather says, "In looking back over my years of youth ministry, my life has been blessed by the opportunity to spend time with Deer River kids.
Nettie Yunk Office Assistant
Nettie is married to William (Bill) Yunk and they are long-time residents of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Nettie's duties include: help with monthly mailings, miscellaneous office work and soliciting funds, which she loves to do.

Nettie cannot resist kids and will do all that she can to help reach them with God's love and forgiveness. Nettie has served Itasca YFC since 1986, as a volunteer for two years and then as paid staff.

Ground Floor Staff

Corinna Olsgard
- Staff

Corinna Olsgard has recently joined the Youth for Christ staff working at the Ground Floor. She graduated from Crossroads College in Rochester, Minnesota and received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Minor degree in Ministry. She is currently raising four rambunctious boys with her husband Jordan, in Grand Rapids.

She has enjoyed working with vulnerable adults for most of her professional career. She has explored her interests through volunteering at the local pregnancy center and currently investing in the children’s and ladies ministry at her church. Her passion is in working with teens and children. When she is able she enjoys running, reading long books and sewing everything from capes and costumes to hats and mittens for her boys. Corinna is excited to be part of Itasca Youth for Christ and the ministry of the Ground Floor.